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Product Update

The Company constantly endeavours and beefs up its product portfolio, keeping in line with changing scenario of agriculture and felt needs of the farmers across the Country. It draws its brainpower from various agriculture universities of India who impart the acquired knowledge of changing dynamics of agriculture to the farmers. The Company always takes upon the challenging task to keep abreast of the practices and problems with regard to crop protection, soil nutrition coupled with the soil health management, which then are analyzed and addressed appropriately in Company's in-house field development studies to identify the exact causal agent of the problem as well as to find out and evaluate effective solution of the problems for imparting greater value and benefit to the farmers.

The informations and methodology, so evaluated and developed, are always transmitted fast in seamless manner among our Team Members and across the supply chain - the focal objective being to create value and the value so created, is shared by all the stakeholders engaged in developing knowledge based Farming and Agril Business, which KRISHI RASAYAN has been continually striving.

We have also signed an agreement with BMC for setting up a 200 MT Plant in West Bengal. A lease agreement for running a 200 MT Plant at Kochi has been signed. Further negotiations are in progress and advance steps are on to build an operative Plant for 100 Tons per day.

Each of our products is passed through stringent quality test for conforming to the specific statutory quality standards and practices.

Product Update Support to farmers

Some of the major products of the Krishi Rasayan Group are:

Insecticides - kritap sp, kritap 4g, anth 505, josh, loc 2.5, loc 5, Ekka, tarzan

Fungicides - krilazyl 72, krilaxyl 35, krileton 25, privintal bv, Tric, krosin ag

Weedicides - krizin, kay - D, Prince

Dharitri Products - kesana, nema ii (bio-fungicides), enrich, enrich Adhar (bio-organic manure)

Crop Nutrition Products - Zindan, Bardan, G2H

Our chemical R&D Laboratory is on the way to its fast completion, which will be developed as GLP Laboratory for undertaking all kinds of R&D studies and experiments in an integrated manner in due compliance with the stringent National and International system of study and experimentation.

Simultaneously micro-biology laboratory is close to start its operation shortly which will strengthen and aid to enhance the value in organic farming and natural agriculture in the upcoming and growing segments of Horticulture across the country.

KRISHI RASAYAN GROUP have already initiated to establish the collaborative research unit with eminent Breeders and Scientists to develop seeds in cereals, oil seeds and vegetables.

Please click on Brand Name to view the picture of each product. Each product is listed with its Generic Name as well as Brand Name.

BENOMYL 50% W.P. Kriben- 50   View
CAPTAN 50% WP Captan Vegetable
CARBENDAZIM 12% + MANCOZEB 63% CM-75 Vegetable, Paddy View
MANCOZEB 75% W.P. Rasayan M-45  
METALAXYL 35% W.S. Krilaxyl 35 Seed Treatment
METALAXYL 8% + MANCOZEB 63% Krilaxyl 72 Potato, Vegetable View
METIRAM WP Pack up Potato, Vegetable  
PRIVINTAL B.V. Privintal B.V. All Vegetables View
PROPICONAZOLE   Banana, Fruits
TRICYCLAZOLE 75% WP Tric Paddy View
TRIADIMEFON 25% WP krileton Vegetable, Mango
Validamycin 3% SL V3 Rice, Vegetable  
ABEMACTIN 1.85 EC ABC chilli, Tea, Vegetable View
ATRAZINE 50% W.P. Rasayanzine Maize View
BUTACHLOR 50% EC Rasayanchlor Pady
CLODINAFOP 15% WP Topik Wheat
GLYPHOSATE 41% S.L. Krup Orchards, Tea
IMAZETHAPYR 10% SL Perfect Soyabean
METRIBUZINE 70% W.P. Krizin Potato, Sugarcane View
METSULFURON   Wheat, Groundnut  
PARAQUAT DICHLORIDE 24% S.L. Kapiq Plantation, Potato
PRETILACHLOR Prince Paddy View
PENDIMETHALIN 30% EC. Kri-Stop Soyabean, Groundnut, Rice
PENDIMETHALIN 30% EC. Stop Ground Nut, Pulses, Potato, Paddy
2-4D AMINE Kay-m Tea, Plantations
2-4D ETHYL ESTER   Tea, Plantations
2-4-D 80% S.SALT Kay-D Tea, Paddy, Wheat View
ACETAMIPRID 20% SP Ekka All Vegetables, Cotton View
ALPHAMETHRIN 10% E.C. Alpha Vegetable View
BPMC Knock Paddy View
CARBARYL 50% W.P. Kavin Mango, Vegetable
CARTAP HYDROCHLORIDE 4-GR Kritap 4-G Paddy, Vegetable View
CARTAP HYDROCHLORIDE 50% S.P. Kritap 50 S.P. Paddy, Vegetable View
CHLORPYRIPHOS 20% E.C. Krishan Paddy, Vegetable View
CYPERMETHRIN 10% E.C. Kricyp 10 Vegetable
CYPERMETHRIN 25% E.C. Kricyp 25 Vegetable
CYPERMETHRIN 5+ CHLORPYRIPHOS 50 Anth Paddy, Vegetable View
D.D.V.P. 76% Fume Vegetable
DICOFOL 18.5% Klin Vegetable, Tea View
DIMETHOATE 30% EC Ekka Mustard, Vegetable View
ETHION 50% E.C. Krithion Plantataion
FENVALERATE 20% E.C. Krifen 20 Vegetable
IMICDACHLORPRID 17.8% S.L Josh Paddy, Vegetable View
MALATHION 50% E.C. Kthion Plantation
PHORATE 10-G Kaymet Paddy
Quinalphos 25% EC Krilux Vegetable
SULPHUR SOLUTIONS Krisulf Vegetable, Paddy, Mango
THIOMETHAXONE Kri-Oxm Vegetables View
TRIAZOPHOS 20% E.C. Jane 20  
TRIAZOPHOS 40% E.C. Tarzan Mango, Paddy, Vegetable View
Plant Growth Regulator
ETHEPHON 39% S.L. Kripon Banana, Tomato, Pineapple View
GIBBERALLIC ACID 90% Krigibb All Crops View
PAUSHAK Paushak All Vegetables View
TRICONTANOL Krigold (granule/liquid) All Crops View
Organic Manure Enrich All Crops View
Pseudomonous Fluorosense Nema II All Crops View
Trichoderma Viride Kesana All Crops View
Vermi Compost Enrichaadhor All Crops View