Hollow Cone Nozzle

Usually this type of nozzle is mainly used for pesticide spraying.

Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) recommends this type of nozzle to be used in manually operated sprayers.

The recommended discharge is 450 ml/min at 40 PSI pressure with 60 degree angle.


Double Swirl Duro Nozzle

For wide coverage this type of nozzles are used with manually operated sprayers. The discharge of this nozzle is same as hollow cone nozzle with two nozzles can cover more area at a time and can also cover the under leaf.


Flat Fan Nozzle

Used mainly for weedicide or herbicide spray applications.

This nozzle is also used with hood to save the damage to the main crop while spraying on weeds.

The droplet size of this nozzle will be larger to get better effect of the chemicals.

Also the swath will be broader to cover more area.


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