Principles of Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management

Mechanical Sanitation Chemical
Screens on windows Clean environment Our Tools
Thresholds on doors Removal of trash from location (dumpsters)
Caulking and sealing Repair of leaks
Relocation of trash bins

Basic Equipments

B&G gun – Or compressed air sprayer.

Bait gun – Several varieties available, these are good for applying the correct amount of gel bait where it is needed.

Hand duster – This is one of the most important tools we use. It should be capable of applying a very light amount of dust in cracks, where roaches can hide.

Flashlight – We recommend a high quality adjustable lens light either rechargeable, or battery operated.

Inspection mirror – This is used during the service, and during the initial inspection. This mirror allows you to see behind areas or obstructions.

Small hand drill – At times, inaccessible areas will be found to harbor pests. For this reason, we carry a small drill to allow us access for our dust.

Silicone applicator – As stated previously, the best way to control a roach or pest population is to control access to harborage. Silicone is one method used to seal such areas.

Small paint brush – Used to clean up any dust particles.

Truck mounted tank and pump – This is used for large area treatments such as around structures.