A family-led agrochemical enterprise with a history spanning over five decades, dedicated to serving the farming community. Our steadfast commitment to agricultural excellence is a source of great pride. We stand as a reliable partner, providing essential support and cutting-edge solutions to farmers in the country.

Global Presence

As a company, our unwavering commitment to the needs of farmers takes precedence, extending beyond the boundaries of Indian agriculture. Currently, our global presence spans key 9 regions. We are ready to expand our footprint to Mexico soon.

Our strategic focus revolves around securing the registration of our Indian-manufactured products and obtaining pesticide licenses in these countries through our Indian entities, namely KREPL and ALSC. This initiative plays a pivotal role in streamlining the export of our products from India to these markets, along with distribution through our local subsidiaries in these regions.

We are dedicated to advancing farming practices for sustainability, aiming for enhanced yield and quality. Our sincere endeavor is geared towards contributing to a healthier planet in the long run.

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Our Key Strength

"Farmer's prosperity is our priority" is our motto, which reflects our commitment to prioritizing the well-being, success, and progress of the farming community in India and worldwide.


40 Countries

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50+ Years

Agrochemical Experience


Over 3000

Distributors in India

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State of the Art Manufacturing

Govt. Approved R & D Centre

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40+ Years

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Krishi Rasayan Group

As Chairman of the group, I feel pride and humility in leading a company committed to transforming farmer lives through innovation. We are now focusing on seed processing, cutting-edge research, and farmer-centric solutions.  We're expanding our footprint, diversifying our product range, and leveraging digital solutions like the Bandhan Solutions app to create a seamless ecosystem for the farmer. With a passionate team, new-age facilities, and a drive for sustainable agriculture, we aim to be industry champions.

Mr. Atul Churiwal

Chairman and Managing Director

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The group has periodical on-ground engagements with farmers and communities through training, incentive programs, distributor meets, demos, and other such interactions. 

Our Strategic Business Units

Bandhan Solution App

Your One-Stop Agri App

The Bandhan app is set to revolutionize the entire agricultural ecosystem, ushering it into a digital and technologically advanced marketplace. The primary goal is to establish a direct B2C supply chain, enabling farmers to procure the company's products while also expanding the company's reach into untapped markets and gathering crucial data. Moreover, it will offer micro-financing solutions, providing farmers with cost-effective credit facilities, and AI-based tools will facilitate seamless communication between the company and farmers for crop management solutions.

Krishi Rasayan Group